​Kick Buttowski Cat Survives Wild Ride On Motorway Van​​

October 22, 2021

Kick Buttowski has lived up to his daredevil cat name after surviving a trip down the motorway stuck on the top of a van. The black and white feline is named after a cartoon stuntman and somehow managed to cling on to a ladder.

The animal has since been reunited with his young owner, five-year-old Connor Russell, after his mother spotted an appeal on Facebook by a local veterinarian in the town of Leicester.

Amanda Walker, a nurse at Bell, Brown and Bentley Veterinary Surgery in the United Kingdom, said they got a phone call on Friday from a woman who said she had found a cat on the roof of a van. She said the woman sounded a bit embarrassed, as if they were not going to believe her story. She had stopped for gas and found a cat on her roof.

“She said she had got a few flashes from motorists as she was travelling along the motorway so pulled over to see if there was anything wrong with her van. When she got out she found the cat clinging onto the roof,” Walker said.

The nurse said Kick, who was uninjured, was very relaxed when he arrived at the vets: “He was in a better state than we’d expected. We thought he would be very distressed but he was very relaxed. He was wide-eyed but very friendly.”

The veterinarians put a picture of the cat on their Facebook page, appealing for its owner to come forward.

Ellise Pepper, from Melton, contacted them to say it was her son’s cat after spotting the appeal on the social networking site and has since collected the lucky cat.

Thanks to social media, it’s a small world after all.