​Kimberly Bird Stockton Theft: Holiday Theft Traces Bird With Arrest

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December 26, 2021

Kimberly Bird of Stockton is accused of theft after a security camera mounted on the front of a victim’s home in California shows her taking packages from homes. The Stockton Police Department was alerted and a photo was soon distributed thereafter, according to KCRA Sacramento. Bird was then arrested on outstanding warrants, a police spokesperson said.

“Bird is in custody after targeting a house in Stockton.”

Investigators are following up on the video that allegedly showed Kimberly stealing a package off a resident’s doorstep in December. The camera captured what appears to be Kimberly riding in a Nissan pickup truck. As the truck pulled up to the house, Kimberly is seen taking a large brown box back to the vehicle.

“Cameras showed the woman hopping from her truck, walking up to the parcel, removing it from the porch and then running back to the vehicle”

While Kimberly Bird of Stockton is accused of theft, police followed up on a tip-off after they posted the video on social media. The police department posted her photo on Instagram to alert the public, according to sportact.net. The 27-year-old was then arrested on outstanding warrants, including commercial burglary, petty theft and possession of narcotics.

Bird was was found at an address in North Stockton. Police made the arrest without incident and Kimberly was booked in the county jail while awaiting a bond hearing. It’s not known if the California native obtained a lawyer at this time.

Kimberly allegedly stole a number of packages on Dec. 11. Officers praised the role of social media in catching the package snatcher. Officer Joseph Silva said social media “is a great investigative tool for law enforcement.”

Sadly, the Kimberly Bird Stockton theft incident is only one of several throughout the country. Police say that Kimberly demonstrates how easy it can be to take packages from a person’s doorstep, notes New York Daily News. A rise in this kind of theft usually occurs during the holidays.

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