Man Accidentally Wins Wrong 14.3 Million Lottery Game (SHOCKING)

Million Lottery Game

One man accidentally wins 14.3 million after buying the wrong lottery game ticket instead of a Powerball ticket

Napolean Elvord of Wisconsin, was a regular player of the Powerball lottery, but won the Megabucks lottery after he accidentally purchased the wrong ticket in Madison.

Elvord told the Wisconsin State Journal. it took him three days and the questioning of the gas satiation manager, where he regularly purchases his tickets, to realize he won the wrong lottery.

When the winning numbers are hit the business that sold them is notified, knowing that Elvord is a regular player they questioned him. Luckily the ticket was still sitting on a table at home when he took another look at it. Still not knowing if he won, he decided to stop by the states lottery office to have it checked.

“The first thing they asked me was, ‘Did you make up the ticket?'” Elvord told the Journal.

Michael Edmonds, the lottery director, told the Journal that, “most people who come to claim the prize already know if they have the winning ticket.”

The wining Megabucks ticket was worth $14.3 million dollars.

A veteran Elvord, has had health problems and has failing kidneys, having had dialysis for 5 years. After taking the lump sum payment of $10.2 million, which amounted to $6.87 million after taxes, he plans on buying medical coverage so that he can receive a kidney transplant.

Elvord, tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that he also plans on a move back to his home state of Texas.

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