Man Drove ’225 Miles’ With Dead Wife In Passenger Seat Of Car

By: | 12/26/2011 05:37 PM ET

Man Drove Miles With Dead Wife - A man drove 225 miles with his dead wife in the passenger seat because he was uncertain what to do about the situation. He finally used his OnStar Navigation System to contact authorities in Oregon. He told police that he was very distraught and was trying to cross the border but changed his mind at the last minute.

The husband said his 75-year-old wife began having health problems during the drive back to Canada and then shortly afterwards passed away near the town of Pasco in Washington state.

Not knowing what he should do, he drove another 225 miles with her body in the passenger seat. Once he got close to the Canadian border he used his OnStar system to figure out if he could cross over the border with his wife and what to do.

OnStar connected the man with the authorities and they had him stop at the next town of Tonasket.

The Tonasket Police Chief Robert Burks said, “He wasn’t sure what to do, so he kept driving. I believe that different permits have to get done to get a body across. I think that’s all they’re waiting for.”

The woman was pronounced dead at the hospital and police believe there is nothing suspicious. The man drove almost to the Canadian border because he wanted to take her home.

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