​Man In Plane Witnesses Own Home Burglarized​​

September 4, 2021

A man taking aerial photos witnesses his home getting burglarized while in the plane and calls an uncle who lived nearly and 911 to report it.

Steve Lynn from Arkansas couldn’t believe what he saw from the plane. “I looked down, and sure enough, there was a truck hooked onto a trailer, and guys were loading stuff up,” he said in a statement. “It didn’t seem to faze them that we were buzzing over in an airplane; we got down pretty low.”

Craighead County Sheriff’s deputy Phillip Wheaton said once the uncle arrived, the two suspects unloaded the trailer and left. Lynn then followed them in the plane. The men were caught and arrested by Arkansas State troopers and two other deputies.

The two thieves from Jonesboro were identified as Roosevelt Smith III and Joseph Peel. Lynn said most all the items from the house were recovered except for a rifle valued at $1,200. After the fact Lynn realized that a home he owned on another lot had also been vandalized.

Lynn said that several new ceiling fans, tools and copper wire missing from the second home.

“It’s slim to none that you would ever see anything like that happening. I never would have expected it,” Lynn said. “I just wanted to see my house from the air, but to see something like that is a complete mood change. I feel like I was really lucky.

Lynn is glad that if he had not been in the plane to take the aerial photos of his home, he would’ve been burglarized with no leads to the suspects.