​McDonalds Mega Potato Fries Contain Thousands Of Calories​​

May 26, 2021

McDonald’s has added a mega carton of potato fries to its menu containing a huge 1,140 calories. The box of chips is double the size of a normal large order at the restaurant.

In addition, it contains more than half the recommended daily amount of calories for women.

The Mega Potato will be launched in Japan on Friday, and will cost 490 yen, the equivalent of $4.85.

The Mega Potato is being billed as “perfect for sharing.” The launch comes after the director of nutrition for McDonald’s insisted that its menu can be good for you.

But when it comes to calories - all other items trail in the Mega Potato’s wake. Large French Fries contain 460 calories, a Big Mac 540, and even a double quarter pounder with cheese contains 740 calories.

Dr Cindy Goody has worked for the Golden Arches since 2008. Her job is to evaluate the nutritional information of the items on the menu and to consult on healthier options to include. In an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune in March, when asked point blank if food at McDonald’s was healthy, she responded with a confidence.

”It is possible to eat from the recommended USDA My Plate food groups when visiting McDonald’s. It’s about choice. It’s about customization. It’s about looking at the calories on the menu board,” she said.

The company has said it is committed to healthy living.

Last September it made the move to list calorie information on restaurant and drive-thru menus across the country, It added that there would be more options on its menus, such as eggs whites on breakfast sandwiches, more seasonal fruit and vegetables and sandwiches starting at 350 calories.

But the Mega Potato will surely keep fans of the so-called Potato Party trend happy.

The craze to order a mass of fries and tip them out on to a table for a weird banquet started in Japan when McDonald’s ran a promotion that meant all French fry sizes were $1.

A group of youngsters reportedly bought $165 worth of French fries and filled 16 service trays for their feast, enraging the restaurant’s staff, who ordered the “brats” to “stop causing trouble” and “get out of here.”