McDonald’s Sued Over Value Meal Alleging Deceptive Business Practices

A McDonald’s restaurant is facing a value meal lawsuit by a Des Plaines man alleging the franchise operator engaged in deceptive business practices.

James Gertie claims that Karis Management Co., of Des Plaines, which operates about 10 locations in the area, charges $5.49 for two cheeseburgers, medium fries and a medium fountain drink when purchased individually, but the value meal costs $5.90. Gertie bought the two cheeseburger value meal at five McDonald’s locations across Des Plaines and Niles operated by the franchisee in October and November, according to the lawsuit.

With french fries and a medium drink it cost 41 cents more than if he had purchased everything separately, so Gertie filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court on Dec. 13 against Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald’s Corp. and multi franchise business owner Karis Management Co.

Gertie is claiming consumer fraud class action against the suburban Chicago McDonald’s franchisee, alleging the restaurant group should be made to pay for allegedly false advertising on its menu.

Gertie and his lawyers are seeking to expand the lawsuit to a class action to potentially include hundreds of others who may have purchased the cheeseburger meals at Karis’ other locations.

The lawsuit asks the court to award plaintiffs the amount they were overcharged, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

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