​Miracle Chicken Eggs: One Large Egg With Double Yolks​​

By: | 03/20/2013 08:15 AM ET

A miracle chicken in Guizhou, China shocks locals by laying a mega half-pound egg with two yolks and another fully-formed one inside.

Miracle Chicken Eggs

This is the fourth or fifth large egg that the animal has produced. However, it is the first one to have double yolks and another egg inside.

The 87-year-old owner of the hen, Granny Yang, thought that the fowl was dying when it was attempting to lay the huge egg.

“I’m more than 80 now, but I have never seen eggs like this before,” said the owner according to The Guardian.

The chicken refused to eat the corn that Yang feeds her other chickens, so she feeds her a special diet of rice. She believes this diet is the cause of the miracle eggs.

However, there have not been any studies to prove this to be true.

“I’ve never seen an egg that size before. We have had bobbly ones and long ones but never anything like this,” the chicken’s owner, Harriet Whitaker, 8, told the Daily Mail. “I thought an ostrich had been into the run overnight.”