Motorcyclist Clocked At 193 MPH By New York State Troopers

Motorcyclist Clocked At 193 MPH By New York State Troopers

A motorcyclist in Poughkeepsie was caught going 193 mph in update New York. State troopers clocked him various high speeds, but it was the shocking 193 mph that alarmed them to take the motorcyclist into custody from his leisurely ride on his 2005 blue Suzuki.

State troopers report that 28-year-old Anthony J. Anderson, was first clocked at mile marker 134 on Interstate 87 going 97 mph by one officer, who alerted troopers further down the highway of the speeding motorcyclist.

Sgt. William Lovely said by the time he got to mile marker 114, he was clocked by another trooper going 193 mph. Lovely admitted that there was not much they could do to slow Anderson down while he was on the highway.

“Our cars do not go that fast,” Lovely said.

But in the next county over, at mile marker 84, Anderson had to slow due to a rainstorm and traffic, which allowed the troopers to catch up with him. Lovely said as soon as one officer got behind him and flashed the lights, Anderson pulled right over without incident.

Anderson told the trooper he was trying to get to a hospital to visit a friend. He was issued 14 tickets by troopers one of which was for exceeding the posted 65 mph limit by 128 mph. He was arrested and booked into an Ulster county jail and was released the next morning on a $1,500 bond.

“I’ve been in this business 27 years. I’ve never seen that in my life,” Lovely said of the 193 mph speed.

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