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Mystery Object Fell From Sky - Was It A UFO?

04/13/2012 04:36 PM ET

One witness in Litchfield, Connecticut made a call in to police saying that he saw a mystery object fall from the sky and land into Bantam Lake.

According to a report by The Republican-American of Waterbury, the witness told the dispatcher that the object was about the size of a whale and was glowing green. Backing up the witness’s claim is the fact that at around the same time they were calling police, a state trooper was calling in that he also saw something strange fall from the sky in the Bantam or Morris area of Connecticut.

The incident occurred around 2 am on Tuesday morning. The trooper who witnessed the mystery object was about 10 miles away from the lake at the time.

Firefighters from Morris were dispatched to Bantam Lake to search for a possible plane crash. However, after several passes in boats, there was no debris from a plane crash found, nor evidence of anything else that would have fallen into the lake. Authorities eventually called off the search leaving the incident a mystery.

Though the object remains to be a mystery, a meteor could be to blame. Meteor’s often fall into the earth’s atmosphere, reportedly about 1 every 10 hours. Usually they break up as they enter our atmosphere with only larger ones actually making it to the planets surface. Typically, they look like a glowing light streaking across the sky when they fall, and are sometimes described as falling stars.


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