New York Woman Naked Inside Stores: Saratoga Springs 90 Days Jail

By: | 05/26/2012 08:11 PM ET

A New York woman in Saratoga Springs is facing 90 days in jail after walking around naked in two stores to express her right of freedom. She even walked up to employees to ask for the time and then quickly walked away.

The full identity of the woman, Barbara Lafleur, was captured on video surveillance cameras in stores, according to the county’s District Attorney James Murphy III.

She first walked into a lumber store called Curtis Lumber and asked one employee for the time, then left while saying to another employee, “Have a good day.”

“No one wanted to say much to her,” remarked store manager Bob Eakin to the Times Union. “It’s not a situation you want to be involved in. It is kinda awkward.”

She then walked into a nearby shop called Stewart’s where one employee said his manager confronted Lafleur and asked, “Ma’am, are you aware you have no clothes on?” The employee went on to explain, “She was kosher and cool about it, and the manager told her she needed to leave.”

After being charged with public lewdness, Murphy released a statement on the matter, “While the defendant claimed she was merely expressing her freedom to be fully liberated by walking nude into Stewart’s and Curtis Lumber, this alleged conduct is actually a crime under the penal law. Surprisingly, mental health found no psychiatric issues whatsoever.”

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