​Octopus Boy’s Throat: Man Arrested After Octopus Lodged In Girlfriend’s Son

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Apr. 7, 2016

An octopus found in a boy’s throat has prompted an arrest of a man on suspicion of child abuse Wichita, Kansas, after doctors found it in her girlfriend’s young son. The 21-year-old girlfriend returned home from work to find her 36-year-old boyfriend performing CPR on her 2-year-old son at their home.

The couple took the boy to the hospital, where doctors found and extricated the octopus from his throat, according to Raw Story. Doctors also noticed injuries on the boy’s face.

Explanations for how the bruises occurred and how the octopus was in the boy’s throat were not consistent with the injuries, so the boyfriend was taken to City Hall for questioning and later booked into the Sedgwick County Jail on suspicion of child abuse.

The boy was not breathing when he arrived at the hospital, but he has been upgraded to serious condition. Doctors are monitoring the boy’s throat and condition to see whether oxygen deprivation has caused brain damage.

Neighbors say they saw police at the home Tuesday night and are stunned to hear of the child abuse allegations.

Octopus in boy’s throat prompts child abuse arrest

“I teach a lot of swim lessons with a lot of kids, shocking how someone could do that to kid it’s just strange the situation,” said neighbor Mitchell Wagner.

The dead octopus, which had a head about five centimetres in diameter, was likely going to be cut up as sushi.

The Wichita Police Department’s Exploited and Missing Child Unit interviewed the mother’s boyfriend. He was identified by police arrest records as Matthew Gallagher. The boy’s identity was not disclosed because the victim is a juvenile

Police say Gallagher was not able to explain why the octopus was in the boy’s throat. He is facing child abuse charges.

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