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Opera Singing Parrot Vanishes In New York City (VIDEO)

11/29/2011 04:37 PM ET

Opera Singing Parrot - An opera singing parrot named “Captain” flew off the shoulder of his owner, Allen Kirson, in New York City. The two were biking along Ocean Parkway. He retraced his steps, but could not find the Yellow Amazon parrot, and to make matters worse, Kirson shares custody of Captain with his ex-wife Roberta Klein.

He estimates it was about 20 minutes before he noticed the bird was was no longer there. The Captain has a big vocabulary and could be anywhere, and he also dances, so there’s a few clues to go by.

“It’s just sad. I really feel for the people who have tragedies with their real children. I’m just fighting to get it off my mind 24/7,” he said, adding he was exhausted but not giving up hope.

The singing parrot’s wings are clipped so Kirkson doesn’t think Captain could have flown far.

However, she can climb trees, so her owner is asking people to keep their eye out for the opera bird.

Kirkson said that the bird has perfect pitch and loves to sing in harmony, but every once in a while she would sing her own arias.

“Once a week, she gives stellar Carnegie Hall performances that blow me away,” he said.

CBS station WCBS in New York added that the bird frequently performed at senior citizen’s centers and children’s hospitals. “I’ve had her for six years. That woman bird gives me less trouble than any other woman I’ve ever known. And, she makes the whole community happy,” he said to CBS News.

Here’s a video of the singing Parrot:

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