​Pennsylvania Holiday Display Neighbor: Pennsylvania Holiday Terrorizes Township With Profanity Display

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December 21, 2021

A Pennsylvania holiday display is upsetting a neighbor to a point of terror. Homeowners in Ross Township say Bill Ansell sets up his anti-Christmas decorations year round. Resident Chris Hebda told ABC News that the display is only getting worse.

“Any opportunity he has to make our life a hardship, he does (in the display) … He’s an angry person that’s very unstable.”

Ansell, an electrician, has a display on his yard that features a beheaded choir, a hanging Mickey Mouse and even a urinating Santa Claus that lights up at night. Neighbors Chris and Joanne Hebda said they have had to stare at the unpleasant display for the past six years. Fairley Road is a unique cul-de-sac; a circular street with Ansell’s house right in the middle, surrounded by six other homes.

“There was a Virgin Mary here, and he placed a knife through her head, right there on the edge of our driveway … I thought it was a terroristic threat.”

The Pennsylvania holiday display also attacks a neighbor with profanity signs all over his house. There are other signs that also attack the township and a couple of residents personally. The worst sign included disparaging remarks about resident Tom White’s late wife, posted the day after she died.

One display sign on Ansell’s home may offer a clue as to why. It says, “This display is dedicated to Ross Township. Shame on you for destroying my display that brought so much joy and happiness to so many people.” Years ago, Ansell’s home was known for its lustrous lights and dazzling display that attracted many onlookers.

But one Thanksgiving, Ansell’s neighbor Pamela Heck was so blinded by the lights that she asked him to turn off the display while her family had dinner. She said he was very unpleasant after that. From that minor dispute grew a war, according to residents. At night, they say he blasts floodlights into their windows.

The Pennsylvania holiday display for each neighbor is only worsening, notes The Inquisitr. They say he’ll be up at 3 o’clock in the morning to display floodlights in the middle of the night. They all feel trapped, and friends and family won’t visit them, and worst of all, they can’t sell their homes.

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