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Opossum Causes New York Subway Evacuation

01/20/2012 09:39 PM ET

Somehow a wild possum found its way onto a New York City subway early Friday morning, which frightened passengers and caused an evacuation of the train.

Officials believe the possum got on the train somewhere in Brookyln and rode on it all the way to West Fourth Street in Manhattan, where police evacuated the train.

After evacuating the train officer’s attempted to catch the possum, but were unsuccessful and had to send the train to a train yard for animal control agents to take care of it, in the Bronx.

Patrick Thomas, the general curator at the Bronx Zoo told The Times, “It’s not surprising that one would wander into a train because they are so comfortable living around people,” talking of the rare occurrence of a possum making its way onto to the subway.

Thomas added, “It might have been drawn to the train by heat, or the smell of food.”

Possums are nomadic marsupials that can survive just about anywhere due to there broad diet, often being able to live off of eating human food and garbage if need be, along with insects, fruits and even scavenging other dead animals, such as roadkill.

Due to popular belief possum’s do not hang from tree branches by their tails. as they are not strong enough to support the weight of a full adult.

There is no word as what happened to the subway possum after being caught.

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