​Restaurant Bans Kids at Night Because of ‘Noisy’ Complaints​​

August 11, 2021 | 11:53 pm

A restaurant in Houston bans kids under the age of 9 at night, even though they advertise the eatery, La Fisheria, as a family place. Some customers are greeting with a note about the kids as they walk into the door.

Restaurant Bans Kids At Night

The policy is shown in a few places in the establishment to warn parents about the curfew for children. The policy states “After 7:00 pm, people over eight years old only. For your understanding, Thank you.” Regulars find it odd.

The executive chef of La Fisheria, Aquiles Chavez, isn’t shy either, and he recently told a group of television reports that many customers had complained about “noisy and rowdy” kids overtaking the restaurant.

“The children… they are crying, some are running under the tables,” Chavez told KHOU.

He explained that the new policy will help improve business because patrons will now be able to dine in peace from 7 p.m. to the 10 p.m. close.

Some Houston residents have no problem with La Fisheria’s decision, and are even quite happy about it.

“We just went to three restaurants to have breakfast and left two because of too dang many kids,” Becky Pickens told KHOU in an interview.

“Great idea!! Wish more restaurants would do this, or more parents would teach their children to behave,” Jalisa Reever wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Theresa Waller, however, objected to the ban. “I will never eat at your place I will get the word out and make sure all my friends know bad choice I hope you close down for this,” she wrote on Facebook.

And commenter Shawn DeVore even brought up a legal matter by saying, “This is discrimination!!!!”

However, under federal law, businesses reserve the right to refuse children. The Civil Rights Act, which makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of religion and race, does not include any mention of children.