​Rick Dyer Bigfoot Killed: Hunter Claims Bigfoot Killed


Rick Dyer says that Bigfoot has been killed after he lured it with pork ribs. Dyer has begun a tour across the south, showing off its corpse, telling the story on how he shot the creature near San Antonio in Texas in September 2012.

Despite releasing various photographs supposedly showing the dead Bigfoot, there is a great deal of skepticism over their authenticity.

Dyer, who is a used car salesman, was previously involved in a Bigfoot hoax in 2008 when a “corpse” he put on public display turned out to be a rubber suit.

The display is now in Houston and drew about 800 people to Trader’s Village in northwest Harris County on Sunday.

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“We got here a day early and we just wanted to show as many people as possible,” said Dyer. “Bigfoot is not the Tooth Fairy. Bigfoot is real.”

People of all ages shelled out money to enter his trailer to look into the 9-foot case that holds the specimen Dyer calls Hank.

The body of the creature can be viewed under a glass coffin adorned with camouflaged baseball hats.

“I’m not convinced,” said Mario Lopez, after taking a look with his wife Julia and their three children. “I believe the Roger Patterson footage is authentic because you can see the muscles and everything on there, but this one was kind of different. But he did mention that after the autopsy the body kind of changes,” he told the Houston Chronicle.

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Roger Patterson is the man who filmed one of the most famous “sightings” back in 1967. Patterson died in 1972, and the man who wore the gorilla suit in the film even admitted it was a hoax.

Wendy Hernandez was so convinced that she bought a shirt and had Dyer sign it. “It’s amazing when you go inside, you feel different,” he said. “I had never seen anything like this before, only on the Discovery Channel.”

Dyer claims that he lured the 800 pound beast by nailing pork ribs he had bought from Walmart to a tree in San Antonio, Texas in September 2012.

He initially released a grainy close up photograph supposedly showing the creature’s face, but has now released a second photograph of it lying dead on the floor of his tent.

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“From DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans. It is the real deal. It’s Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s here, and I shot it and now I’m proving it to the world,” Dyer said.

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