​Rooftop Bar Death: Appton CEO Faigy Mayer Jumps To Death From NYC Building Terrace

Rooftop Bar Death
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Jul, 22, 2015 | 8:30 AM

A rooftop bar has reopened after the death of one if its patrons’ Monday evening, a night that most people working at the establishment will always remember. Faigy Mayer leapt from the top of a New York City high-rise while oblivious customers kept drinking at the establishment, according to Daily Mail.

The rooftop is 20 stories high and people at the bar had no idea that the 30-year-old woman climbed onto the ledge of the terrace. She then leaped to the sidewalk around 6:45 p.m., police said.

She died at the scene, according to cops. The woman was there attending a corporate event.

Rooftop Bar death shocks employees

Rooftop Bar death shocks employees

The rooftop bar death shocked employees, and most of them asked to go home when they were told about the incident. One waiter said she paid for her bill and then disappeared.

The establishment is surrounded by an outdoor garden and boasts views of the Empire State Building. Some witnesses said saw Faigy Mayer running to the edge of the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar and crashed through the bushes that surround the seating area.

Officials recovered two bags that might have belonged to the victim, a purse and a backpack. It was not known if Faigy was connected to the party.

After the tragedy, some rooftop bar patrons still enjoyed table service at the establishment, where bottles can fetch as much as $300 each. They had no idea that a death had just occurred.

“There was a big corporate party up there and she kind of ran through them [the partygoers] and jumped,” witness Becky Whittemore said. “They closed off the section where she jumped from. I think a lot of the people up there had zero clue what was going on.”

The death scene was quickly surrounded by police and onlookers questioning detectives of the incident. Mayer, who worked as an iOS developer for a Brooklyn-based tech firm, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Appton CEO

One eye witness, Dale Martin, said “I was walking across the street and I saw she was falling. You can tell it was a lady. She had on shoes and a dress.” Faigy Mayer was a tech startup CEO who struggled with depression since breaking from her Hasidic Judaism heritage.

In 2008, she was featured in a documentary on New York City’s Hasidic Jewish community which was made by the National Geographic. Mayer talks about how since she was six, she showed no interest in the Hasidic lifestyle.

The rooftop bar death incident has also shocked her colleagues who worked with Faigy at Appton, an iOS startup. Prior to her entrepreneurial exploits, she worked for a tech company in New York City named Meta Kreative.

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