​Safeway Apologizes To 4 Year-Old Girl Busted For Shoplifting​​

By: | 10/29/2012 05:33 PM ET

Safeway Apologizes, 4-Year-Old Girl Busted Shoplifting - A 4-year-old girl was banned by a guard at a Safeway store after she was busted for shoplifting. The Washington State store is now apologizing after she ate a bag of dried apricots, then returned the bag to the shelf. The mother had no idea that her daughter, Savannah, had also eaten from the product.

The security guard stopped the pair as they left the store and led them back to a break room. He proceeded to tell the parents, “Your daughter stole and she’s banned from the store, and we’re pressing charges. And she needs to sign this form saying she understands she can’t come into any Safeways,” Alissa Jones [Savannah's mother] said.

Savannah can’t read or write, but the guard, who Safeway hires under contract, had her scribble on the paper.

Safeway corporate officials have apologized and since fired the guard:

“Our policies on shoplifting are intended to protect our customers, but built on common sense. And everyone understands what common sense is,” said company spokesperson Cherie Myers.

This is the second high-profile apology from Safeway in the last few weeks, after a guard in one of its Hawaii store’s confronted and pressed charges against two parents who had been shopping with their toddler.

The mother was 30 weeks pregnant at the time and claimed that hunger and fatigue had prompted her to munch on a sandwich and forget to pay for it. The couple was arrested. Worse, they lost custody of their toddler for the night.