​San Francisco Agent Lost Gun: ICE Agents Searching For Lost Service Weapon Left On Car

San Francisco Agent Lost Gun
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Feb. 21, 2016

A San Francisco agent’s lost gun has police scrambling after he left it on top of his car before driving off. The agent, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reported his service weapon missing in the Ingleside neighborhood Friday morning, according to San Francisco Gate.

San Francisco police say it’s an H&K P200sk .40 caliber gun, and authorities are still searching for it. In the last eight months, handguns stolen from federal agents were used in the high-profile slayings of Kate Steinle in July and muralist Antonio Ramos in Oakland in September.

San Francisco agent's lost gun is a H&K P200sk .40 caliber weapon

San Francisco agent’s lost gun is a H&K P200sk .40 caliber weapon

Last month, three handguns were stolen from an FBI vehicle parked in a residential neighborhood in Benicia. A bill introduced in the state Senate last month would require everyone, including law enforcement officers, to store any gun left in a vehicle in a locked trunk or a locked container out of sight.

An ICE spokesman said he couldn’t answer questions about the San Francisco agent’s lost gun because it’s still under investigation. He issued a short statement that reads in part: “A duty weapon belonging to a special agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was reported missing Friday morning in San Francisco.”

The University of California at Berkeley police chief had her gun, badge and official laptop stolen from her car on Aug. 21 at Point Isabel in Richmond. The Golden Gate Park killers used a stolen gun to shoot a Marin hiker and a GGP backpacker in October. The owner of the gun was a civilian, not a law enforcement officer, and he’d left his car unlocked.

A California Highway Patrol officer’s gun was stolen from his Prius in October. That gun was never found.

San Francisco Ingleside neighborhood

“The incident was properly reported through official federal channels and to local authorities. The matter is currently under investigation,” an ICE agent said.

To make matter worse, the San Francisco agent’s lost gun has not been found. Either a homeowner found it, or someone picked it up to sell it. Weapons are traceable if it ends up at a pawn shop. Unfortunately, most weapons in San Francisco are never recovered.

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