San Francisco Approves Public Nudity Rules

San Francisco Nudity Rules – The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has approved public nudity restrictions to moderate their very liberal public nudity laws. including putting covers on public seats before planting naked bottoms.

Walking around naked is generally tolerated in the city and is particularly popular in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.

The ordinance, which was introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener and unanimously approved by all 11 supervisors Tuesday, bans public nudity in restaurants and requires those with nude buttocks to cover benches or other public seats before parking their rears, CBS San Francisco reported Wednesday.

Nudists believe they are being unfairly targeted by the changes but Scott Weiner defended his legislation in the name of protecting public hygiene.

Wiener said the public sanitation concerns were a “tangible issue,”, particularly in his district’s Castro neighborhood, where nudists often gather. The ordinance will go before the board for final approval next week, officials said.

In many countries, public nudity is forbidden outright on the basis that being nude is inherently sexual. Many states of the United States fine offenders on that basis. In some states, such as Oregon, it is legal and protected as free speech, as long as there is no “intent to arouse”.