School Bans Bathroom Mirrors and Makeup

Published: Sep 20, 2021

School officials have banned all cosmetics, including makeup and mirrors at Shelly College in Britain. The policy was enforced after other students complained that the bathrooms were being used as a social gathering. John McNally, a high-school teacher, said the objective is to prevent female students from spending hours in the public facilities.

The school had already had a “discreet make-up only” policy in place. However, some female students were wearing excessive amounts of make-up and socializing around the bathroom mirrors.

To solve the problem, the school has now implemented a “no make-up policy” for its 13 to 16-year-old students and removed the mirrors from inside the bathrooms. Teachers are assigned to make random checks of the public facilities to make sure the policy is being followed.

Prior to the new policy, the problem was getting out of hand, according to John McNally, who teaches at Shelley College.

“They were even staying in there to eat lunch, making other girls feel uncomfortable when they had to walk through a crowd,” he said.

“The makeup ban is about getting girls to focus on what’s important in school, which is learning and not being distracted with makeup and wanting to check it all the time,” McNally said in a statement.

“The mirror ban is to break a cycle where social groups started to emerge in the bathroom,” he added.

McNally went on to say that each girl has her face checked daily by school officials.

“We’ve had quite a few girls say they feel more confident since the ban’s been introduced,” McNally said, “because they don’t feel compelled to compete with other girls in the lipstick and eyeliner department.”

The British school doesn’t have many rules, but some of the female students say the “no makeup policy” is unfair.

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