Scotch Tape Sculpture Contest (PHOTOS)

Scotch Tape Sculpture Contest. The contest featured a sculpture of a scotch tape brother and sister fishing. It was made using 12 rolls of the brand’s packaging product.

Scotch Tape Sculpture Contest

Called “The Big One,” the sculpture, created by Kent Hathaway of Oklahoma City, Okla., depicts a young boy reeling in a fish while his sister hangs on to the back straps of his overalls to keep him from falling into the water. Scotch judges said the sculpture “stuck out” from dozens of other entries, thanks to its intricate details, such as the boy’s rolled jeans and the bows in his sister’s pigtails. [See the winning sculpture]

The Scotch “Off the Roll” tape sculpture contest’s winning entry was chosen by a panel of experts based on creativity, execution, presentation and more than 11,000 online public votes, which accounted for 10 percent of the final scores.

Following Hathaway’s $5,000 grand prize were three first place winners, who each received a $500 cash prize. Their Scotch tape sculptures consisted of a scene depicting people at a live concert, a mermaid mechanic building a 12-foot-long clockwork sea dragon, and a triangulated torus shape that took 13-and-a-half rolls of tape to make.

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