​Sharks Escape Into Mall Shopping Area, Shocking Patrons​​

Sharks are predatory creatures in the waters, but when they escape into a mall after their tank broke apart with turtles, it can send people into a shock like none before, especially when they can’t believe what they are witnessing.

There was a total of three sharks, twelve turtles, and several exotic fish that were killed after their 33 1/2 ton tank exploded, shattering glass everywhere, injuring some people as they were walking towards the food court in the mall.

The tank itself was only 2 years old, and it’s unknown why it exploded.

“Details are still vague at this time as the investigation is ongoing. At this point, there is still no official explanation as to why the 15cm thick acrylic glass failed and why the shark tank exploded. Early speculations suggest that the changing cold climate might have caused the glass to become brittle,” officials said.

The sharks that escaped into the mall died due to lack of water. The people who were injured were said to have been cut with the large pieces of glass, which shattered when the tank gave way. Some of the injuries were serious, but none were life-threatening.

There will not be another aquarium erected to replace the one that exploded — obviously no one wants something like this to happen again and perhaps the area was not the best place for such a structure.

When it was all over, there were few signs that the sharks were there and that area of the mall was closed for clean up.