​Skull Publix Incident Scares Customers, Maintenance Worker Says Man Used Skull As Puppet

Skull Publix
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Oct, 10, 2015 | 5:27 PM

A skull Publix incident scares customers at a shopping plaza in Sebastian, Florida. A homeless man was using the skull as a puppet in the parking lot, according to Daily Mail. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Thomas Raulen said deputies were alerted to the body in a wooded area near U.S. 1 and Roseland Road around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

“He was using it as a puppet,” said witness Nick Pecoraro. “It smelled like death.”

Pecoraro called 911 after he saw the man with the human remains around 10 a.m. Tuesday, who said he was talking to it and showing it to customers. He said the skull Publix incident scared people and went too far.

Skull: Publix employee calls 911.

Skull Publix Incident Scares Customers.

“It’s definitely a human skull; it’s still got teeth in it,” Pecoraro told a dispatcher in the 911 call from Publix. “I’m standing in front of it, but I’m not touching (it),” he said.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said that the homeless man was living in a wooded area near U.S. 1 where he found human remains and then walked to a Publix to report the body.

“He had put the skull on top of a trash can over there because he wanted to tell somebody to call the sheriff’s office,” Raulen said.

Once deputies arrived “the man led them to the remains.” Raulen told the news station that “the body was deteriorated for so long that the skull was simply sitting there with the rest of the bones.”

Some people made fun of the subject on Twitter.

Investigators have not yet identified the cause of death or gender of the victim.

Deputies said the wooded area is known to be frequented by homeless people but Raulens said the skull Publix incident was not close to any known “camps.”

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