​Snakes Suburb: Residents In Suburb Frightened By Snakes

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June 30, 2021

Snakes in a suburb of Chicago are scaring residents as they return from hibernation. The snakes are everywhere in the town of Naperville and have seen in parks, on sidewalks and yards. It’s so bad, that one suburb resident, Nancy Quigley, found them on her door step, and found six more in her bushes.

The snakes are everywhere in Quigley’s peaceful suburb, as she told CBS Chicago: “I’ll have five and six of them on my bushes,” she said. “They were twice as big as they were last year. They’re not afraid of me anymore.” Thousands of snakes are finally emerging form hibernation after a long winter, but their population sizes seem to be growing.

There are four species of venomous snakes in the state, including two kind of a rattlesnake. However, none of them have been found in Naperville, Illnois. That is why so many people are concerned because they think it’s a harmful species.

The Naperville Animal Control assures these creatures present no danger. Experts say if you can’t identify it, don’t touch it because there are venomous snakes indigenous to the area. “Misinformation, lack of information, and irrational fears has also affected snake populations,” according to their website.

The city claims that the serpents are harmless garter and water snakes. The influx of snakes is simply a sign that they are finally emerging from their slumber and beginning their summer feeding frenzy. Recent heavy rains are making them more visible by flooding them out of their homes.

Garter snakes spread throughout North America. They are the only species of snake to be found in Alaska, and is one of the northernmost species of snake in the world, possibly second only to the crossed viper. The genus is far ranging due to its less discriminant diet and adaptability to different biomes and landforms, with varying proximity to water; however, in the western part of North America, these snakes are more aquatic than in the eastern portion.

For those that live in Naperville, things could be worse. In 2012, several pythons infested a day care in Australia. The infestation began when one single Australian carpet python was seen inside the building. All seemed fine until the following day, when seven more snakes were seen moving around the day care. Authorities took action by closing down the day care facility and removing 23 pythons of the premises.