​Son Steals Dad Corpse From Funeral For Resurrection​​

The son of a 93-year-old steals his dad’s corpse from a temporary location used before a scheduled burial, and you can only imagine what Swanson Funeral Home thought when the body went missing.

On the morning of January 15, Clarence Bright was set to be buried at the Gethsemane cemetery in Detroit, but the body vanished with its entire casket, leaving no clues where it could be found.

However, law enforcement officials found the casket after conducting a search in the back of a van, but it was empty, with only a few signs indicating that a body once filled it.

At the funeral, his son put together a beautiful speech and talked about his love for his father, but no one thought he was serious when he said his dad wouldn’t be dead for long.

Some people, who are very religious, asked if this tale could be true, that Bright got up and walked out of the Funeral Home, but soon heard about the theft that took place by the man’s 48-year-old son.

Detectives went to the son’s home, on a hunch that the corpse might be there, and sure enough they heard him yelling, “Wake up daddy,” stating that his father would be resurrected from the dead.

“I never seen this before and we never thought he would go out like this. [...] It’s obvious you know he lost his mind,” his neighbor Terrie Gaines commented.

Police Lt. Harold Rochon solved the entire case in only five minutes when the son opened up and said he took the corpse from the parlor with the help of a 38-year-old friend. The two thieves were arrested, but their names have not been released to the public.

“He was hoping for a miracle,” Rochon notes about the son’s behavior.

This incident is sad for the son, but very bizarre to employee Leon Jones of the Swanson Funeral Home.

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