Porn Star Teacher Sues For Job After School Learns Of Photos

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/30/2012 06:17 PM ET

Stacie Halas, an ex-porn star fired from her teaching job at a California middle school, is now suing the school board to get her position back.

Halas, whose porn star name was “Tiffany Six,” was fired from her job back in April after her students at the Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, California discovered their teacher on the Internet.

The school district stated that they were not aware of her past profession, and she did not make them aware of it during the hiring process, which they claim is a violation. The school board unanimously voted to have Halas removed from her teaching job.

“You lie to your boss, that’s grounds for dismissal. The fact that she listed being a lifeguard and being at Subway sandwich but chose to eliminate the fact that she was in the porn industry is very telling,” spokesman for Oxnard schools, Tom DeLapp.

Stacie Halas’ attorney, Richard Schwab says the videos were shot before Halas became a teacher, she has “reformed” and deserves a second chance.

In an interview with NBC, Schwab said, “Prior employment is something you would normally look into. I think most of us have something in our backgrounds. And I ask anybody here to cast the first stone.” He then added, “What happened six years ago has not impacted her ability to be an effective teacher.”

In court last week Schwab asked school superintendent, Jeff Chancer, “Could Stacie Halas be a role model to show reform?”

“In my opinion, based on her past in pornography … no,” Chancer said.

Nitasha Sawhney, one of the attorneys representing the school district, said Halas lied to officials repeatedly about being in explicit videos, even after students discovered them online.

Halas claims that she did not have a starring role in any of the films, never participated in any of them while working for the district, and only shot the videos’ during an 8 month stint between 2005 and 2006 after falling on hard financial times when she was abandoned by her boyfriend.

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