​Starbucks Baby Name Chosen By Patrons​​

By: | 06/28/2013 09:09 AM ET

Starbucks is known for their coffee, but customers at a New Haven, Conn., store are responsible for choosing the name of a soon-to-be born baby boy. After being unable to settle on a name, customers were asked to cast a ballot, which had over a thousands votes.

Starbucks Baby NameCustomers Vote For Starbucks Baby Name

Jennifer James, 25, and Mark Dixon, 24, began a survey at their favorite coffee house as customers were greeted at the counter with a Starbucks to-go cup plastered with little blue hands and feet, and below a sign read, “Help us choose our son’s (first) name, Jackson or Logan,” the New Haven Register reported.

Having received nearly 1,800 votes since the contest began, Dixon says Logan is the clear winner, with between 400 and 500 more votes than Jackson.

As a result, the couple’s first child’s name will be Logan Jackson Dixon.

The couple says they will soon create a poster to notify the Starbucks patrons which name won.

Prior to the vote, the couple had reportedly preferred Jackson to Logan, however, they say their preference changed during the voting process.

The couple has also received a great deal of write-in name suggestions, according to the mother-to-be, such as “Obama, Jebediah, Lincoln [and] Webster.”

Dixon tells the New Haven Register that they’ve saved the nearly 1,800 ballot slips and will paste them into a scrapbook, along with newspaper clipping covering the story, so that their son can appreciate all that went into his name.

“He’s going to love it. We’ll tell him we read the paper every day, everything that we see we cut out for him. We’re saving the paper of things that happened leading up to his birth, and now he’ll be a part of that,” Dixon said.

The young couple, who first met when they were 18 and have been dating since 2010, say they got the idea for the contest from a Starbucks employee of the month competition, in which customers cast votes on which employee is the best at their location.

“We saw that and thought we might as well see how it works,” Dixon said. “Every time we come here everyone is like, ‘I’ve been voting ever since you guys started.’”

According to James, the couple plans to marry in the future, but in the meantime however, the birth of their first child is the most important issue in both their lives, they tell the local paper.