​Stolen Cookie Recovered From Horse Sculpture Outside University​​

The mystery of the stolen cookie in Germany has been solved after police recovered a sculpture that may have been taken by someone impersonating a Sesame Street character.

Spokeswoman Jacobe Heers says the 44 pound gilded sculpture was found Tuesday morning outside a university. It was hanging from the neck of a horse sculpture with a red ribbon.

The century-old cookie was reported stolen last month from the office of a bakery company in Hannover.

A local newspaper later received a letter demanding cookies be delivered to children at a hospital. The paper also received a picture of someone dressed like Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster holding what appeared to be the stolen cookie.

The Bahlsen company promised a reward of 52,000 packets of cookies for a charitable cause if their emblem turned up.

Who Was The Cookie Monster?

The Cookie Monster is a Muppet on the Sesame Street children’s TV show. Muppet creator Jim Henson used the original ravenous monster for three commercials selling Munchos, a Frito-Lay potato chip. At the time, the puppet was called Arnold, the Munching Monster.

It was during the first season of Sesame Street when Cookie Monster finally got his name and began using the phrase “Me eat cookie,” which became part of his character. His signature song, “C Is For Cookie”, was first aired during the 1971-1972 season, and became one of the best-known songs from Sesame Street.

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