​Stolen Yacht Washes Ashore In California, Three People Arrested​​

A stolen yacht washes ashore on the Northern California coast after three people had stolen the vessel and stocked it with pizza and beer.

Stolen Yacht Washes Ashore

This isn’t any ordinary vessel; it’s a beast that measures 82-feet, and authorities have arrested three people who are responsible.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said they took three people off the boat after the “Darlin” got stuck in shallow water at Pacifica State Beach.

Among those arrested are Leslie Gardner, 63, Dario Mira, 54, and Lisa Modawell, 56, on suspicion of grand theft and conspiracy.

The story about this stolen yacht began early Monday when the police received several reports of a sailboat washing ashore.

The luxury yacht was trapped on a sandbar in shallow water at low tide and unable to get back out to sea. A few wetsuit-clad surfers had paddled out in the frigid water near the grounded vessel as its hull was battered by 4- to 5-foot waves.

After television news reports of the grounding aired, the boat’s owner called police to report it stolen, Sausalito police Sgt. Bill Fraass said.

“We do have thefts of vessels throughout the area, but the theft of a vessel of this size is uncommon,” Fraass said.

Police learned that the yacht was stolen and surrounded it with guns drawn. After a few hours, two men and one woman agreed to be taken off vessel, and ferried to shore.

The owner of the boat is making arrangements to have it removed from the beach.