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Surfer Nearly Swallowed By Humpback Whale (VIDEO)

11/04/2021 09:38 PM ET

Surfer Swallowed Whale - A surfer and two kayakers come very close to being swallowed by a massive humpback whale.

The video was posted by Barb Roettger, a Santa Cruz massage therapist and ocean enthusiast. She was out with a friend in a kayak, taking pictures with a basic digital (and non-waterproof) camera.

The video shows a female surfer and kayakers paddling in relatively calm water, off the coast of California, a quarter-mile from Seabright Beach when suddenly two humpbacks emerged and swallowed up hundreds of fish for lunch.

“A pod of humpback whales has been hanging out of the Santa Cruz coast, noshing on anchovies that flock to the area to feed on planton,” Roettger wrote on YouTube. “The woman found herself in the middle of a feeding frenzy called lunge feeding, which occurs when whales herd anchovies and shoot straight up out of the water with their mouth wide open to catch the fish.”

The video is so stunning some think it is fake, and it has drawn national media attention.

The surfer sits up on her board, with the Municipal Wharf and Dream Inn in the background. Then there’s a split-second commotion on the surface of the water and out of the blue comes two massive humpbacks.

They were lunge feeding with their mouths agape, looking briefly as if they’ve swallowed all three observers whole.

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