Tantrum Over Burger Gets Man Arrested At McDonald’s Restaurant

By: | 12/20/2012 01:49 PM ET
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A 35-year-old man was arrested after throwing a tantrum over a burger at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s. Sean Varone of Dover Township became upset that cheese had been added to his food order.

Varone then became with a McDonald’s employee. According to the report, the altercation escalated and police were called. Varone was arrested at the scene.

According to the police report, Varone threw such a tantrum about the cheese that was added to his hamburger, he started throwing some highchairs while knocking over the restaurant’s garbage cans. He was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and simple assault for his actions, according to Springettsbury Township police.

One report indicated that Varone was upset because he is lactose intolerant and was the reason he confronted the fast-food chains management.

After throwing the tantrum inside the restaurant, Varone was accused of grabbing one of the managers, which had followed him outside to take down his license plate number and was trying to dial 911.

Police allege that during the attack, Varone wrapped his arms around the worker causing physical restraint. The struggle culminated with the accused man yanking the employee’s cell phone from her hand and throwing the device across the lot.

Fox News Radio reports that he was merely trying to prevent the manager from calling police, and an assault allegation was likely reaching too far. However, the worker sustained a leg injury.

Court documents indicate that dates have not yet been scheduled for Varone’s informal arraignment and preliminary hearing.

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