Thomas Prusik-parkin Convicted Of Impersonating Dead Mother

Thomas Prusik-parkin Convicted Of Impersonating Dead Mother

So you think that Alfred Hitchcock’s, Physcho was just a movie, until you learn that Thomas Prusik-Parkin of New York was convicted of dressing as his dead mother, Irene Prusik, in order to continue receiving her Social Security benefits.

Thomas dressed and spoke as his mother for six years with full makeup, clothes and a wig. He got away with it easily after doctoring a 2003 death certificate to make it look like she was still alive, so that he could continue to receive her benefits and cash the checks at her bank. He even kept up with her driver’s license by renewing it as her in 2009.

Furthermore, Parkin failed to make the payments on his mother’s house that he had been deeded, but he allowed it to fall into foreclosure. That’s when he assumed his mother’s identity and sued the new owner of the home for real estate fraud.

After already spending three years in prison, he was convicted on 11 counts of larceny and fraud after refusing a plea deal that would have freed him. Now he faces a maximum of 83 years in prison.

“He said he wasn’t guilty,” his lawyer Morris Shamuil told the Brooklyn Supreme Court. “Mr. Parkin is very hurt and very upset by the verdict.”

Parkin, when arrested claimed to police that he held his mother when she took her last breath so now he is his mother, and even know he collected more than $115,000 in social security benefits after his mother died, he still claims that he’s innocent. He also confessed to being a Norman Bates and Phsyco fanatic in an interview after his arrest.

Even though the prosecution showed taped footage of Parkin at a DMV in 2009 dressed as his mother, Parkins attorney claims he was convicted when there was no proof it was him. “There is absolutely no proof that he was dressed as his mother,” Shamuil told the Post. “The district attorney has no proof.”

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