​Trapped In CVS: Woman Gets Locked Inside CVS At Closing

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November 23, 2021

A women gets trapped in CVS after a trip to buy gummy vitamins in Kansas City, she has no idea that the drug store was closing.

The CVS didn’t know that Alyssa DeGraff was still in the store, according to the New York Daily News. She was there for about 30 minutes and began to panic when she saw nobody at the cash register. Moreover, she saw the garage door pulled down on the front windows.

“My life is so strange, only this would only happen to me … Kind of took my time meandering the store for a while. I was there for about 30 minutes … There’s nobody at the cash register and so I start looking around the store, I can’t find anybody, I start calling out and then I walk up front and see the garage door is pulled down.”

While being trapped in CVS, she quickly realized that she was locked in. While most people wouldn’t start to panic right away, DeGraff had a very good reason to start worrying. She realized that her cell phone battery was already dead.

“I started panicking when I realized my phone was at 4 percent because I wasn’t sure who to call first.”

Unable to reach CVS corporate offices, DeGraff called 911 to alert police. Then the CVS phone rang. She decided to answer the phone herself.

“I’m going to answer this, what the heck, and it ended up being CVS general security alarm system that had been silently triggered by me.”

After being trapped in CVS for 1 hour, DeGraff was released by police and two managers, according to the Examiner. Since then she has filed a formal complaint with CVS. However, she does find humor in the incident.

“Honestly I think the whole thing is hilarious. I’m not that mad or upset.”

DeGraff said police questioned the store’s closing policy and procedures. After the entire ordeal was over, DeGraff was rung up for the gummy vitamins.

What would you do if you were stuck inside a closed store for an hour and a half with a waning smartphone battery and nothing to do while you wait to be rescued? While some of us would surely finally live out some kind of supermarket sweep fantasy. DeGraff marooned in the closed CVS while taking a selfie. That’s funny.

The drug store didn’t comment, but you’ve gotta think — while it’s surely not a life-threatening situation to be trapped in a closed store for an hour after notifying management that you’re there, one might think having someone wait that long to be rescued would be willing to throw say, a free bottle of gummy vitamins into the mix. Or at least explain why it took that long.

Getting trapped in a CVS has to be a scary situation, especially when you notice that the door is locked, notes The Inquisitr. Some people might panic thinking it was a setup. But she did the right thing by calling 911 from CVS.

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