​Hottest Chilli Contest Causes Vomiting Pain for Contestant​​

October 17, 2021

Two people were hospitalized Saturday during the hottest chilli-eating contest in Scotland. Others fell ill at the Kismot Indian Restaurant where the event was held. The owner of the restaurant, Abdul Ali, said he raised a good amount of money for charity.

However, Ali admitted that he didn’t know how hot the food was and may have to start lowering the bar. Customers are now labeling the restaurant as the “Kismot Killer.” Ambulance services had to be called in after several people began vomiting and fainting.

On Wednesday, the local health department called for the restaurant to review the way it manages its food, but later found out that the establishment made participants sign waivers.

The restaurant also had two members of the local Red Cross on hand in case they were needed. However, those volunteers were overwhelmed at the conclusion of the event and needed more help. In all 20 people signed up for the contest, but after seeing several people already ill, 10 of them dropped out.

The 2nd place finisher, Currie Kim, 21, a Korean exchange student at Edinburgh University, had to be hospitalized twice during the chilli-eating event.

“I’ve always enjoyed spicy foods and thought this was for a good cause. But it came with a price. I first went to hospital at around 4pm, and the second time was at 9pm. It got really bad. I have never endured such pain in my life,” Kim said.