​Vendor From Baseball Park Fired Over Ketchup​​

September 14, 2021

Vendor, who was Comerica Park’s famous singing hot dog man, has been fired because of his disdain for ketchup. Charley Marcuse has been a strong crusader for only using mustard, and some fans filed complaints about it.

“It’s gonna be very weird. I’ll sort of have the mentality as if they’re away. So it’ll be weird knowing they’re here,” Marcuse said Thursday. “It’ll probably take a little while for it really to hit home.

“I hope that there’s some way to come back.”

Marcuse was fired after a 10-minute meeting with management of the Tigers’ concession vendor, Sportservice. He has filed a grievance, as the vendors are unionized.

Sportservice did not give a reason why he was fired — but they did say it was not because of his singing. He had been selling hot dogs in the stadium for 15 years, selling between 150 and 200 hot dogs a night. He even spun off his own line of mustard, Charley’s Ballpark Mustard, that is sold in area grocery stores.

“It’s a job I love that I would like to keep doing,” Marcuse said.

So far Comerica Park doesn’t seem thrilled to have Marcuse back, but you never know, the stadium just might call him back after all of the free publicity.