Virgin Mary Statue Unearthed Boston Just In Time For Christmas

A Virgin Mary statue was unearthed in a Boston suburb at an assisted living facility just in time for Christmas.

The four-foot concrete statue was found in the ground last week during construction in an area next to the Golden Pond facility in Hopkinton, Mass., CBS Boston affiliate WBZ-TV reports.

The facility’s executive director, Bill Marr, said the statue was in excellent condition, considering it was probably underground for at least 20 years.
“It’s even beyond incredible that it was found 20 days before Christmas,” Marr told WBZ-TV. “The timing of the year could be more symbolic.”

No one really knows how the statue got there. Years ago, mobile homes stood on the ground where the statue was found. Before that, the area was wooded.

Marr plans on checking with local historians to learn more about how the Virgin Mary ended up in the ground. In the meantime, the state is inside the Golden Pond facility and residents can’t stop talking about it.

“It is a wonderful thing,” said Andrea Brass, who lived at Golden Pond for five years. “I think the statue is absolutely beautiful [and] I think it’s a precursor of good things to come for this place.

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