​Vladimir Putin Calendar: Thin President Putin Publishes Shirtless Images One Day After Christmas

Vladimir Putin Calendar
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Dec. 27, 2015

The Vladimir Putin calendar photos in 2016 comes one day after Christmas as most families are celebrating the holiday. Putin is seen shirtless with a big smile in one of the photos, according to Hollywood Life.

Putin, 63, shocked the world last week by admitting he is a Donald Trump supporter for the White House. But now, Vladimir is in a 2016 calendar that reveals Russia’s extremely virile and testosterone-filled president.

Vladimir Putin calendar photos depicts modern day Russian president

Vladimir Putin calendar photos depicts modern day Russian president

The photos show the Russian president in a variety of poses, from topless fishing to exercising, along with a thought to accompany each month. It’s called “All Year With the President of Russia,” and Russians are ordered to be happy with its photographic selections.

Many of the Vladimir Putin calendar photos in 2016 are similar to those featured in an October tabloid dedicated to the Russian president’s picturesque poses. Some people say he’s very photogenic.

Obviously, the Russian overlord’s shirtless, masculine chest is front and center throughout the calendar.

Though for any man (or woman) uncomfortable with Putin’s pecs glistening in the Siberian sunlight, unmolested by the frigid Russian air, the calendar’s makers made sure to include his pristine, pearly whites in almost every photo collected.

If that’s not enough to satiate Russia’s lust for Vladimir’s calendar, a new perfume inspired by Putin just hit store shelves in Moscow. A promotion of “Leaders Number One” promises its male wearers a “soft but very firm” essence of masculinity inspired by Putin.

The perfume’s limited release includes only 2,000 bottles, each of which sells for 6,000 rubles (or $85). Belarusian Vladislav Rekunov, the man behind the new manly fragrance, promises more — including a Vladimir Putin inspired line of perfume for women.

But while Putin keeps his clothes on in the calendar, the posed pictures are no less bizarre. Each picture sets Vladimir in natural settings and are accompanied by nationalistic quotes.

One post shows Putin with a furry puppy close to his left cheek, while gazing into the mid distance for November, the accompanying quote confides: “Dogs and I have very warm feelings for one another.”

Furry puppy with Russian president

The previous month has a much stronger message, as he dons a military cap and striped shirt and proclaims Russia’s strength. “No one will succeed in gaining military superiority over Russia. Our army is contemporary, capable, and as they now say, polite, but formidable.”

The Vladimir Putin calendar photos in 2016 for March and September depicts his fondness for Russian women - as he smells a flower (and again stares into the middle distance) and dances with a women in traditional dress, but looks knowingly down the camera lens.

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