​Washington Man Stole 1,000 Pounds Of U.S. Mail​​

​Washington Man Stole 1,000 Pounds Of U.S. Mail​​

A Washington state man has stole 1,000 pounds of U.S. mail after local police went to arrest him after being sought by state correction’s officers for escaping from a community custody in Federal Way.

Adam Lysiak was held on $250,000 bail after his arrest on Tuesday for investigation of identity theft and possession of stolen property.
Officer Luke Bogues says more than half of the mail has Kitsap County addresses.

Bogues says Lysiak has previous convictions for identity theft, possession of stolen property and possession of fraudulent bank checks.

The 38-year-old is accused of stealing from mailboxes in Kitsap, Jefferson and neighboring counties during the night to create fake identities, forge identification cards, pass bad checks and use stolen credit cards.

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