Walmart Bikini Shopper Asked To Leave

A Walmart store in Oregon says no to bikini wearing shopper. Sandy McMillin said she had stopped by Walmart store to pick up some sour cream, chips and coffee creamer in the 90-degree heat. Five minutes into her shopping trip, McMillin said an employee approached her with two options — put a shirt over the bikini or leave the store.

McMillin said she was told by the employee, she was violating a health violation. “I was horrified, embarrassed,” McMillin told the station. “I hadn’t done anything obnoxious or outlandish.” She said employees escorted her and her sister out of the store.

Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie told KVAL a different story. She said customers had complained, and that McMillin had “verbally abused” people. She also said McMillin was never escorted outside. “We can understand her frustration,” Hardie said. “It was not our intent to offend the customer, and we have apologized to her.”

In the United States, a few businesses or restaurants display dress code signs requiring shoes and shirts, claiming to be there on account of a health code. However, no such health codes exist. Also, it is a common belief that there are laws against driving barefoot. Also, no such laws exist.

Social attitudes to clothing have brought about various rules and social conventions, such as keeping the body covered, and not showing underwear in public. The backlash against these social norms has become a traditional form of rebellion. Over time western societies have gradually adopted more casual dress codes in the workplace, school, and leisure. This has especially been the case since the early 1960s.

By: Pat Prescott
Published: Jul 29, 2021
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