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Woman Arrested With God Forehead Tattoo - Godology Spirits Church

05/01/2021 04:59 PM ET

An Ohio woman using the name Jamie Platinum Godhead, who belongs to the Godology Spirits Church, was arrested after someone identified her by the “GOD” tattoo that’s written across her forehead.

Woman Arrested God Forehead Tattoo

Godhead has been posting wild YouTube videos of herself and displaying verses from the bible.

However, she’s been stalking a correction’s officer who had once supervised her during a stint in jail.

33-year-old Jamie Calloway was arrested on Sunday night for stalking an unidentified female correction’s officer from the Montgomery County jail.

Reportedly, Calloway had been harassing the woman by sending her unwanted packages through the mail and making unwanted phone calls to her home.

She is also accused of slashing the correctional officer’s tires on her vehicle.

Calloway had previously spent time in the jail on a multiple assortment of charges such as domestic violence, aggravated menacing, and drug possession.

A Sheriff’s office spokesperson said during her jail time she had “taken a liking” to the officer.

Along with the “GOD” tattoo across her forehead, Calloway also has several metal teeth in her mouth, which police said made her easily identifiable.

In her YouTube video skits she goes by the alias of “Jamie Godhead Platinum-Godologist of Godology.”

Calloway has a scheduled court appearance on Tuesday on the misdemeanor charge of menacing by stalking and was being held on a $25,000 bond.

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