Woman Calls Ex-Boyfriend 65,000 Times, Every Eight Minutes In Past Year

Published: September 10, 2021

A Dutch woman calls her ex 65,000 times in the past year. Nicolette Stoel, appearing at the preliminary hearing, called every eight minutes. Prosecutors collected several cell phones she used for calling the man.

She told the judge about a relationship she had with the man, which she referred to as a boyfriend. However, it was a shocking revelation to learn that he doesn’t even know Stoel, past or present, or why she claimed to be calling her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times.

Facing the judge during the preliminary hearing, she was ordered to cease contacting the man, who denies they had any relationship.

Prosecutors picked up the case after the 62-year-old man filed a complaint in August. Dutch police seized a number of cell phones and computers from her Rotterdam home. They suspect that the woman was using multiple phones.

If Stoel was dialing the man during the one-year period, it would break down to 200 calls a day.

Assuming Nicolette is awake 16-hour days, that’s 11 calls an hour or roughly one every eight minutes. There was no word on why the man didn’t complain earlier or change his number. Stoel has been charged with stalking.

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