Woman Craves Roadkill During Her Pregnancy

Woman Craves Roadkill During Her Pregnancy

Woman Craves Roadkill – A pregnant woman is finding that roadkill is satisfying her pregnancy cravings. Alison Brierley, 42, claims the taste of the gamey meat is what she loves the most, which is a stark contrast to her normal diet.

Trumping many celebs who seem to think a carbohydrate is an odd pregnancy craving, this mum-to-be has been heading to the roads of Harrogate, rubber gloves in hand, to get her meaty fix. An array of animals have found themselves the dish of the day in pregnant Alison’s house, with deer, hare, pigeon and even owl making their way from road to plate.

Amanda Holden recently tweeted she was craving noodles and Una Healy has been excitedly fantasizing about eating a roast dinner. Let’s hope Alison is aware that if her own supply runs out, she could actually just buy gamey meat from a supermarket.

This certainly makes for an interesting alternative to late night ice-cream runs — or maybe Alison never quite got to the bottom of what Rocky Road actually is?

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