​Woman Slaps Deputy To Quit Smoking

Author: Michael StevensBy:
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Mar, 5, 2015 | 11:23 AM

A woman slaps a Sacramento deputy in the face to help her quit smoking, hoping that going to jail will assist her into kicking the deadly habit.

Etta Lopez, 31, sat outside the Sacramento County Jail, where she knew she could have a run-in with authorities, according to CBS Sacramento.

She allegedly admitted she waited outside the jail for hours, waiting to assault an officer to be arrested and put in jail.

“All of a sudden, she stepped into me and slapped me in the face,” said Deputy Matt Campoy. “She told us that she needed to quit smoking.”

According to the latest cigarette statistics by anti-tobacco website “Smoking Prohibition,” an estimated 443,000 people in America die each year as a result of smoking. In fact, cigarette smoking costs the nation $96 billion in direct medical costs and $97 billion in lost productivity annually.

Lopez explained her actions saying she thought she would be forced to stop smoking cigarettes in jail.

Her neighbor said he used to smoke with Lopez, and that she had tried to quit before.

“There’s easier ways to stop smoking than hitting a cop,” he said.

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