Woman Scams Soda Can Deposit Using Welfare Benefits ID

A woman in Lynn, Massachusetts was busted after she tries to scam the states soda can deposit program by using a stolen welfare benefits card to buy soda and put the full cans into a deposit machine.

Police say 36-year-old Tina Cafarelli used the welfare benefits card she stole to buy $64 dollars worth of soda at a grocery market, just to go straight to the can deposit machine to get the 5 cent deposit back on each can.

The grocery store manager told police that when she fed the full cans of soda into the machine she caused extensive damage to it. When cans are fed into the machine they are crushed down for recycling.

After purchasing 18 12-packs of soda with the stolen card and destroying the deposit machine, Cafarelli, was arrested and charged with larceny, property destruction and receiving stolen property.

Her bail was set at $250.

Currently their is only 11 states that have a container deposit program, that includes cans, glass, and plastic bottles. The deposit that is redeemed for the containers when they are returned is actually charged to the customer, when they purchase it, causing them to have to recycle the container at a designated area or machine in order to get their money back.

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