​Woman Stopped For Ducks Life: Driver Causes Multiple Deaths On Highway

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July 9, 2021

Woman Stopped For Ducks Life - One person who stopped for ducks faces life in prison for causing the deaths of two people. The woman, Emma Czornobaj, was convicted last month of two counts of criminal negligence. It was all to help a group of ducks cross a busy road.

When the woman stopped, it caused the deaths of Andre Roy, 50, and his daughter, Jessie 16. Roy and his daughter were riding on his motorcycle on a highway south of Montreal in June 2010 when he hit the back of Czornobai’s car, which was stopped in the left lane. Roy was speeding at the time.

“A self-proclaimed animal lover, Czornobaj said that she didn’t see a mother duck when she spotted the seven ducklings in the median,” The Inquisitr reports. “She stopped her car in the left lane and got out, trying to herd the baby ducks so that they wouldn’t get run over,” the site said. “Apparently, Czornobaj had plans to take the ducks home, however, while she was trying to save them, Roy came speeding along the highway and slammed into the parked car — which he obviously didn’t expect to encounter.”

Defense lawyer Marc Labelle said his client who stopped for the ducks was stunned by the jury’s decision. “The fact that she was involved in the accident in the first place was a hard experience for her,” he said. “The fact that she had to go through a trial with a lot of publicity was tough and to be confirmed by 12 citizens, the jury, that the conduct was criminal is a hard blow.”

The maximum punishment for criminal negligence under Canadian law is life in prison. However, the 25-year-old woman who stopped for a few ducks isn’t expected to receive that punishment in the case, although she caused the accident when she stopped. Labelle is confident that his client will see no jail time.

Prosecutor Annie-Claude Chasse is hoping to send a message to motorists. She hopes that it’s a clear message for people not to stop for ducks or other animals on the highway. Chasse says that it’s “not worth it” and for society to think to risk the lives of others for ducks.

Czornobaj had stopped her car in the left lane of a provincial highway after spotting about seven ducks on the median. The self-professed animal lover told the court that she did not see the mother anywhere and was trying to herd them, with the intention of taking them home. Do you think it was wrong to ignore other motorists to save a few ducks?