​World’s Shortest Escalator Proves Guinness Worthy At 33 Inches​​

The World’s shortest moving escalator could be one for the Guinness Book, which is about 33 inches inside a department store in Japan. With only five steps, it’s a mere leap to anyone with a healthy pair of legs, according to a new video.

It’s one quick ride, but patrons often wonder what the purpose is, and some believe that it’s some candid camera joke. One department store customer was so thrilled about their ride on the escalator that he posted a video of it on YouTube.

“I rode the escalator seven times,” the video narrator said, “and it was a glorious experience.”

The video has already been viewed more than 439,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday.

In addition, a post featuring the clip has garnered 6,600-plus votes on Reddit.

Nathan Ames is credited with patenting the first “escalator” in 1859, although no working model of his design was ever built.

His invention, the “revolving stairs”, is largely speculative and the patent specifications indicate that he had no preference for materials or potential use, although the mechanization was suggested to run either by manual or hydraulic power.

In 1889, Leamon Souder successfully patented the “stairway”, an escalator-type device that featured a “series of steps and links jointed to each other,” but no model was ever built.

Several manufacturers developed their own escalator products, but they had to market their devices under different names because of trademark rights to the word “escalator.”

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