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A Minnesota man was arrested for a DUI for driving a Zamboni at an ice rink while on the job this past Monday.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that parents, coaches, and players at a PeeWee hockey game noticed something odd about the 34-year-old Zamboni driver named Joel Buss, when it took him 25 minutes to resurface the ice when it should of only taken 10.

Buss was also weaving back and forth and kept running into the side boards of the rink. Finally one of the PeeWee coaches called 911.

Coach Bryan Dornstreich said that he noticed that Buss’s eyes were a little red and he wreaked of Red Bull. Later a parent told him Buss speaking with a slurred speech.

By the time police arrived at the Hayes Hockey Arena, Buss had finished the resurfacing job and parked the Zamboni.

Police performed a field sobriety teat on him and then arrested him for suspicion of a DUI. Court records also showed that Buss has previously had 3 DUI charges against him.

In the past some odd DUI cases have included people being arrested for driving lawn mowers, a motorized bar stool, and even a homemade motorized beer cooler, while being intoxicated.

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