​Corey Lewandowski Reporter: Michelle Fields Forcibly Removed From Press Conference

Corey Lewandowski Reporter
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Mar. 10, 2016

Corey Lewandowski yanked reporter Michelle Fields out of the way after a press conference in Florida on Tuesday night. Lewandowski is Donald Trump’s campaign manager as he watched Fields trying to ask the GOP frontrunner a question as he exited the room, according to The Blaze.

Secret Service was starting to clear a path, when Fields was forcibly grabbed on her arm Corey Lewandowski, moving her out of the way and nearly bringing her down to the ground, a source who witnessed the situation said. The reporter was clearly roughed up by the move, the witness said.

Corey Lewandowski Reporter: Michelle Fields Forcibly Grabbed At Trump Press Conference: Michelle Fields says the Donald Trump campaign manager forced her out of press conference

Prior to the Corey Lewandowski incident, the Donald Trump campaign and its security has had several physical run-ins with the press and protesters over the past few months and Trump rallies. Most recently, Time photographer Chris Morris was placed in a choke-hold and slammed onto a table during a rally in Virginia after he attempted to step outside of the press pen to photograph some protesters. The Department of Homeland Security inspector general is currently investigating the incident.

Corey Lewandowski owes the reporter “an apology,” according to Breitbart News CEO and president Larry Solov. “It’s obviously unacceptable that someone crossed a line and made physical contact with our reporter. What Michelle has told us directly is that someone ‘grabbed her arm’ and while she did not see who it was, Ben Terris of the Washington Post told her that it was Corey Lewandowski. If that’s the case, Corey owes Michelle an immediate apology,” Solov said.

The reality television billionaire might also be laying the groundwork for a not-so-brave new world in which a campaign manager can assault a female reporter. But Corey Lewandowski’s explanation to Boyle was that he and Fields had never met before and that he did’t recognize her as a Breitbart reporter.

Lewandowski has been Donald Trump’s campaign manager since last July. Prior to this, Corey ran Americans for Prosperity’s national voter-registration effort.

The Breitbart statement struck sources within Breitbart and outside the company as strangely inadequate, given that it blames an unidentified “someone,” uses the conditional phrase “if that’s the case,” and leaves open the possibility that Corey Lewandowski didn’t lay hands on the reporter.

Corey Lewandowski claimed on March 3, 2021 that Donald Trump has given $100 million to charitable organizations. This was in response to Wolf Blitzer’s inquest into whether the Republican candidate would respond to Mitt Romney’s charge that Trump would never disclose his currently undisclosed tax returns.

After the Corey Lewandowski reporter incident, Fields was instructed by Breitbart’s PR consultant, Kurt Bardella, not to speak to other journalists about the incident. Fields, whose usual beat is Sen. Ted Cruz, was subbing for Breitbart’s flu-suffering Trump reporter, Alex Swoyer, at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, during the candidate’s election night rally/press conference. Trump had just racked up impressive victories in the Michigan and Mississippi primaries.

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